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Flourish your Entrepreneurial Partnership

Co-founder Coaching for a lasting and competitive relationship between partners

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Questions arise about your association?

Together, you turned an idea into a successful business, creating solutions that neither could have come up with alone. You have respect for each other. Your co-founder is brilliant, hard-working, and just as driven to succeed as you are. Despite the respect and shared determination, challenges emerge in your partnership. Hours spent together reveal increasing complexity, with signs of conflict beneath the surface. You fear that your ideas and objectives, once aligned, start to diverge. Strategic disagreements intensify, generating heated meetings and sowing doubt in decisions. Statistics indicate that 65% of promising start-ups fail due to conflicts between co-founders, a situation you want to avoid. Signs of resentment appear, certain topics are avoided, and a loss of energy is noticeable.

Have you placed all your priorities ahead of co-founder coaching?

In neglecting the basics of communication and conflict resolution, you have failed to explore your deep values, your long-term personal and professional aspirations. Often, relationship problems arise unexpectedly, because we underestimate the importance of these preparations. When individuals partner to run a business, they assume that they can collaborate harmoniously, basing their choice of partners on shared ideas and existing relationships.

However, a common illusion among co-founders is the belief in the ability to bypass investment in relationship building, simply because they already know their associates. It's an error which can have bad consequences, fueled by the false idea that preparation of this type is not necessary and the tendency to wait until a problem arises before reacting. There are solutions, immediate and effective solutions to resolve any conflict in a few minutes, master healthy and constructive communication, and adopt an inspiring leadership posture.

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Your relationship as co-founders becomes a competitive advantage!

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Co-founder coaching is a process designed to restore confidenceestablish a feeling of equality and improve communication within professional relations. New skills and perspectives gained help partners to overcome difficult decisions together. This approach aims to strengthen a more resilient co-founder relationship facing the challenges of growing the business. You will be ready to build your company on stronger foundations, ready to navigate through the trials that the start-up world may have in store for you.

✨ Rediscover the pleasure of building the business together.

💬 Feel safe approaching challenges and successes.

🤝 Have total and mutual trust.

🎯 Get absolute clarity on your shared goals.

🤹‍♂️ Articulate and agree on roles and responsibilities that leverage your strengths and preferences.

🌐 Create a company culture that excites every co-founder. A tailor-made framework for difficult conversations

This coaching is for you if:

  • You wish to defuse any conflict in less than 5 minutes

  • You recognize the crucial importance of partnership for the success of the company.

  • Your values are centered on creating a cohesive organizational culture and developing leadership.

  • You have the desire to strengthen the partnership before the stress of post-fundraising growth increases.

  • You want to avoid being among the 65% of startups that fail due to partner conflicts.

  • You leave certain topics aside to avoid repetitive disagreements, leading to a loss of energy and enthusiasm.

  • You are concerned about the consequences of stress and the emotional impact of professional disagreements on personal relationships.

  • You want to participate in positive human impact by becoming inspiring leaders. 

  • You understand that your personal development directly impacts the results you obtain.

  • You want to flourish in your project.

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