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Épanouissez votre Partenariat Entrepreneurial 

Coaching d'Associés pour une relation de confondateurs durable et compétitive 

Jeunes femmes d'affaires
Jeunes femmes d'affaires

​This coaching is aimed at all people who are entrepreneurs, whether in the construction of a company or a collective project, or a career as an independent. 

   Based on knowledge and understanding of cognitive mechanisms, this group program  allows you to clearly determine your objectives and your motivation and to transform them into actions that fulfill you.  

  During this program, you will have 1 appointment of 2 hours every 2 weeks + exercises + a whatsapp group + phone calls between sessions to accompany you throughout this development.

  Thanks to behavioral neurosciences you will learn how to have maximum energy on a daily basis. You will understand how to overcome your doubts and fears, overcome procrastination, and fight against impostor syndrome. You will feel stronger in the face of stress and constant pressure and you will learn to manage your mind in the face of projections and failures. You will set clear and ambitious goals and you will maximize your mental capacity, while organizing your time and your balance with your personal life. You will develop your ability to communicate and influence others to make the best decisions and become a true leader for your teams or for yourself. Finally you will learn the tools to defuse any conflict in less than 5 minutes to stay aligned with your associates for the good of the company.

Entrepreneurs & business partners

- Do you have difficulty with your professional goals?

- Do you feel like an impostor?  

- Do you lack confidence and efficiency?

- Do you have trouble coping with stress?

- Do you feel isolated?

- You have good results but it is never enough?

- Are you in conflict or in relational difficulty, particularly with your associates?


- Do you find it difficult to reconcile your personal and professional life?

- Are you dealing with exhaustion?

- In general, do you have the impression of not always being at the maximum of your potential and your abilities?

Homme d'affaires heureux

Want to move forward?

Make an appointment for a first online discovery and goal identification session.

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