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I do this job of counseling because I deeply believe that fate does not exist and that we all have the ability to create what we want, rather than letting "fate" decide for us.

When my clients create even a small change, I've already won.

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My story

I have always been fascinated by the engineering of the human body and brain, which I like to dissect in a pragmatic and meticulous way.

Passionate about behavioral neurosciences, personal development, psychology and Indian and Buddhist philosophy, I asked myself the question of how to transpose all of these concepts in a concrete way to our Western daily lives.

Through my learning, my life experiences and the latest neuroscientific discoveries, I have acquired the evidence that an intellectual understanding of our mental and physiological mechanisms is necessary to best support coaching tools, cognitive reprogramming exercises as well as different forms of therapy.

Nutrition and more generally the use of our physical body are also part of the essential factors for optimizing work on oneself.  


This holistic application has allowed me personally to overcome various difficulties such as entrepreneurial stress, mental overload, impostor syndrome, invading emotions, business partner conflicts and burnout but also heartbreaking breakups. , depression and loss of purpose.

First I was coached and followed therapeutically, I then trained in behavioral neurosciences, psychopathologies, relational and emotional intelligence, brief therapies such as hypnosis, NLP and EFT, nutrition and yoga.

The combination of these different approaches has allowed me to develop my own intensive coaching programs on different development themes.

I support individuals, artists, top athletes, entrepreneurs and couples individually and/or in groups. I also intervene in companies that I consult with targeted issues addressed in collective seminars. Finally, I give conferences on various topics related to the latest scientific discoveries and the benefits of work on oneself.


I am always open to new collaboration ideas.

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